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Keyboard Hack replaces the built-in onscreen keyboard. It combines the alphabetic and numeric keypads into a 69-key keyboard. Some characters ( e.g. ~ / : ) are rearranged for internet related content. The program is built with the hope to improve typing efficiency. 

Keyboard Hack requires HackMaster. More information about how to use HackMaster extensions can be found here.

International keyboard layouts are available, including Dvorak, German, French, Hebrew, Swedish, Danish, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Icelandic, Turkish, Czech, Canadian (French), and Hungarian.

If you like Keyboard Hack, please register at PalmGear for $8.95.

Download trial version 3.3 here

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How to upgrade?
1. Disable Keyboard Hack in HackMaster.
2. Open Application list, delete Keyboard Hack.
3. Install KeyTrial.prc file and HotSync.
4. Enable Keyboard Hack in HackMaster.
 v1.01 First public release.
 v1.1 Option to start Keyboard by tapping "123" or "abc".
 v1.2 Option to select one more keyboard style - solid.
 v1.31 Option to enable Graffiti® writing.
 v1.32 Improves compatibility with 3rd party hacks.
 v1.41 Option to control Auto-Shift property of the text field.
 v1.42 Fixes a potential error of the control panel.
 v1.5 Supports OS 2.0 devices.
 v1.6 Supports cut & paste editing.
 v1.61 Resolves a name conflict with the Palm Portable Keyboard program.
 v1.7 Option to use Dvorak keyboard.
 v1.8 Option to use German keyboard.
 v1.9 Option to use French keyboard.
 v2.0 Option to use Hebrew keyboard.
 v2.1 Option to use Swedish keyboard.
 v2.2 Option to use Danish keyboard.
 v2.3 Option to use Spanish keyboard.
 v2.4 Option to use Portuguese keyboard.
 v2.5 Option to use Italian keyboard.
 v2.6 Option to use Icelandic keyboard.
 v2.7 Option to use Turkish keyboard.
 v2.8 Option to use Czech keyboard.
Keyboard for color Palm devices (e.g. Palm IIIc)
 v2.9 Adds left and right cursor keys. Color keyboard layout is modified slightly.
 v3.0 Option to use Canadian (French) keyboard. In Shift mode, tapping the cursor keys will jump to begin or end of text.
 v3.1 Update for OS 4.0 devices, e.g. m500, m505.
 v3.2 Option to use Hungarian keyboard.
 v3.3 Supports OS5 devices. It works well on a Tungsten | T. OS5 version does not require X-Master or HackMaster.

Keyboard Layout
Alphanumeric International